Manchester United transfers: Deal or No Deal

With the first signing of this summer done and Eric Bailly arriving in Manchester, we should finally see the floodgates open for Mourinho’s United revamp. So far, it’s been the usual rumour mill and every day another big name is added to Jose’s ‘wanted’ list. So which one is a likely deal that’ll get and which ones are pure bollocks?


1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Believe me, this one’s in the bag. It’s just a matter of Zlatan being Zlatan right nite having his fun with the media and supporters. Pen him in as United’s leading frontman for the upcoming campaign.

Verdict: 100% DEAL


2. John Stones
This was one of the most talked about possible transfers got United early on but lost some steam asking the way. Now that Mourinho seems to have gotten his centre back for the future in Bailly, and given the asking price set by Everton, plus new manager Ronald Koeman determined to keep his stars, this one’s probably off the books.

Verdict: NO DEAL


3. Nemanja Matic
One of the first names that popped up when Mourinho was officially on board, and for good reason. Matic fills several obvious needs for United: toughness and grit in the midfield, protection for the back four, a midfield engine to propel attacks, Matic does it all…or DID it all, a full season ago. There’s not too much noise surrounding this one, which is suggests that it’s all the more likely to happen! Matic wants to play for the manager who got the best out of him and made him a star in the first place, Chelsea haven’t seen the best of Matic for a full season now, and Antonio Conte might want to bring in his own style of midfielder and cash in on Matic.

Verdict: 80% DEAL


4. Antoine Griezmann
An electrifying attacker who can light up United’s dull offense, Griezmann makes great sense as another Mourinho buy. Jose seems unimpressed by the entire current United midfield, with Mata, Herrera, Depay unlikely to be United players for much longer, and this would be a tremendous upgrade. Unfortunately, Griezmann is likely to stay in Atletico Madrid after it was confirmed Diego Simeone would remain as manager. And after coming so close to tasting Champions League triumph, he may not be open to a full season without Champions League action.

Verdict: NO DEAL


5. Paul Pogba
The most sensational transfer rumour out there that has gotten all United fans ruled up. Unfortunately, the most sensational stories usually turned out to be utter rubbish. It’s not that United can’t afford the prohibitive price tag Juventus have set, but rather the circumstances surrounding Pogba that make this deal highly unlikely. Pogba left United to become an international superstar, win 4 consecutive Serie Atitles, reached 1 Champions League final, and is wanted by both Real Madrid and Barcelona. Don’t see him leaving that to return to United especially with no Champions League football available.

Verdict: 99% NO DEAL (1% holding out hope Pogba somehow wants to return to United to prove Fergie wrong and become the main guy for the new era)


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