Jose Mourinho is exactly what Manchester United need right now


And so it begins, the new era of Manchester United. After three years of being lost, United finally found their way with the signing of Jose Mourinho as the new manager.

After the failed experiment of David Moyes and the stubborn mistake of LVG, Mourinho is the best thing that could happen to United right now.

Moyes was out of his league at United. A decent coach capable of making a mid table team look good, he had no chance at the highest level. LVG was hired based on a reputation as an elite coach earned almost 15 years ago, and stubbornly refused to change to adapt to the new ways of football. We did, after all, just witness a session which Leicester City won the title.


Jose Mourinho, for all the limelight he draws on himself, is a player’s coach. If you look back at his first spell at Chelsea, the players were completely in love with him. The rest of the league, managers, players, referees loathed him, but John Terry, Frank Lampard, Drogba and all the Chelsea guys had the highest respect for the man, and gave him everything they had on the pitch for every game he coached there. That was because Jose always throws himself into the fire first before he’d let anyone touch his players. He’d always have their backs, and put all the blame, pressure and attention on himself. He picked fights with managers, referees and players to make life easier for his guys, to give his team any advantage he could. Of course, it’s been known that the players have great respect for his diligence, knowledge and the detail he puts into training and tactics. He has a way to get his players to clearly understand what everyone is expected to do and how everything was going to come together. He was a coach that every United fan hated while he was at Chelsea, but only because he was that damn good and we secretly wished he was coaching United (after Fergie left of course). After hearing all that about how clueless or lost the players were this year with LVG’s “just do as I say” methods, that has got to be a fresh change for the squad.

Jose has won everywhere he’s been. And the ‘he only won because of money’ argument doesn’t even make sense because he won his first Champions League at a bloody Portuguese club! And seriously, Inter Milan were a mess of a club until he showed up and turned them into Champions League winners. He’s capable of managing the biggest stars and egos in the game. Ibrahimovic absolutely loved the man, and while Ronaldo and him have had their spats, he still commanded Ronaldo’s respect and commitment on the pitch. He’s shown he can get the very best, that extra effort, from less gifted players. And has a way for turning unknowns into superstars.

Most importantly, the one thing that makes him a guarantee success at United, is his ability to adapt. Mourinho has adapted to every club, every country and culture since leaving his home country. When he arrived at Chelsea, the English players on the team were the ones who loved him the most. When he went to Inter, he conducted his first press conference fully in Italian. The man is willing to do anything to win, because that’s what he expects of himself, more so than his players.

Who do all the above qualities remind you of? It’s certainly not LVG! Yes, Sir Alex Ferguson. Finally, we once again have a manager with the personality, the will, the know how and the passion for winning, to make United the club they are supposed to be. It’s exactly that smug, ‘I’m better than you and I’m going tolet you know it’ belief and attitude that United has lost since the Fergie days, and Jose is definitely going to bring that back, in his press conferences, in his players, and on the pitch. Next season is going to be the most interesting, and probably the best we’ve had, since Fergie retired. Just get the Euros over with so we can get the season going already!


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