Batman v Superman: Not just a penis fight


*spoilers ahead*

After the disappointment from Man Of Steel, I was skeptical going into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. From the announcement of Ben Affleck as Batman, to the news that Wonder Woman only had 7 minutes of screen time, I started managing my own expectations. Then the movie opened with the same ‘baby Bruce Wayne’s parents got murdered by a common thug’ scene we’ve seen in movie for the gazillionth time and I couldn’t help thinking ‘uh oh, no wonder the movie is two and a half hours long’.

Fortunately, the rest of the movie proceeded to prove me so very wrong. Ben Affleck portrayed an angry Bruce Wayne who was more human than Christian Bale ever did. Plus he had a cooler, bigger batsuit to play with. The tension between Bruce Wayne/Batman and Clark Kent/Superman was built up at a great yet believable pace throughout the first part of the movie, culminating in a awesome first official meeting between the two, even without an actual fight happening just yet. The real fight took finally took place a hundred minutes in, and boy was it worth the wait. Maybe THE best superhero fight in any movie.


And then there’s the biggest surprise of them all, Wonder Woman. Only seven minutes of screen time, but boy does she own those seven minutes. Every time Gal Gadot appeared on screen, she owned the scene. Smart move by DC, probably doubling the potential box office for Woman Woman solo movie when it releases June 2017.

*final warning: spoiler ahead*

DC hit another jackpot by centering the final part of the movie around the biggest classic storyline in all of superhero comics, ‘the death of Superman’. As a comic fan from the early nineties, this is one of those rare storylines that competently shocked you when it came out…

“WTF? They killed Superman? Is that even possible??”

The big boss fight at the end between the three DC all stars and Doomsday proved one thing, that DC was finally taking it to another level in superhero movies. It was like the guys had DC finally had enough of being humiliated by Marvel movies time and time again and someone just decided to say ‘f@ck Marvel, let’s show them how a superhero fight really looks like’. And it was epic.

As the movie that was intended as the first to kickoff DC’s larger universe and lead up to multiple movies, this movie hit almost every right button, and fans will be eagerly waiting for each subsequent film from here on until the eventual intergalactic superhero mashup of the Justice League…as long as they don’t screw up in Aquaman.

Marvel, your move.


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